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Delivered to Polypet ltd for exportation. PET can be recycled into clothes, shoes, accessories, other plastic items

Delivered at GNG Plastic Ltd in Riviere du Rempart for local recycling. HDPE can be recycled into garden accessories, tables, chairs other plastic items

Delivered to Mtrec Society for local recycling. Aluminum being a pure material it can be recycled as many times as needed. 


Paper and cardboard are sent to MAFTA International for exportation to India and Asia. Paper and Cardboard can be recycled into lower grade of same materials. 

Glass is delivered once a week at Plankton ltd in Bel Ombre. A beautiful cooperative crushing glass into different sizes for various uses. 

Coffee capsules are 100% locally recycled. The aluminum is separated from coffee ground and both re-injected in the local market. 

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